We are grateful for the lives entrusted to us and we are honored to be at the forefront of California’s Care Reform which we feel will better meet the needs of children and families. We are excited to begin reporting in this digital format and hope you find value in our work as a community benefit organization. It is part of our broader effort to offer more transparency to our values, provide easier access to our performance and demonstrate our personal commitment that has formed the foundation of  Promesa’s exceptional record of client success and overall well-being.


Thank you for your support,


Lisa Weigant, Chief Executive Officer


Caring staff members communicate Promesa’s values with even the smallest of their daily interactions.


Learn how Jesse Lee, one of our mentors, helps kids through their pitfalls and the possibilities of success that exist for them. His commitment is born of his own journey-his deeply personal support reflects all that Promesa stands for.



Getting Started

Keeping Promises


A Trusted Partner In A Changing Continuum Of Care Landscape As the Continuum of Care Reform and its Core Practice Model are being implemented in the state, our Promesa Management Team has been working internally at all operational levels to address four critical regulatory or performance areas: • Early compliance with new certification requirements • Simple integration of Promesa’s long history of success with Trauma Informed Care principles • Application of proven transition principles for success shifts to new care models • Developing new accountability processes for changing performance standards While many agencies are posed to prepare for changes, we are proud to say we have anticipated these changes at their developmental stages. We received full CARF national accreditation in all of our service areas and we are well prepared for the rapid and thorough implementation of the new California standards as they are finalized. Sincerely,

Michael Der Manouel Sr.


Lisa Weigant, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer



Michael Der Manouel Sr. President Fred Olmstead Secretary / Treasurer Patrick M. Murphy Board Member Nida Guzon Palmore Board Member Patricia E. Browns Board Member Eric Hodge Board Member Lisa Weigant, M.A. Chief Executive Officer Susanne Pruett Controller Jodee Romero, M.A. Director of Human Resources Victor Antonio, M.S. Foster Family Agency Director Arlene Vargas Director of Residential Services Mandi Reed, LMFT Director of Substance Abuse Services



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Our Purpose

To act as a model nonprofit organization creating tangible, measurable and accountable community benefits by providing safe, sensitive and therapeutic environments and treatment to those we serve through the work of well trained, dedicated staff in partnership with social, health, judicial, and other appropriate community agencies.
Most Relevant Skill In A Time Of Change By virtue of our forward thinking board, innovative managers and professional staff, Promesa has adopted and operates according to the National Nonprofit Standards of Excellence, is CARF accredited and is gearing up for the new Continuum of Care standards implementation and strategies. Promesa is currently: • Bolstering the Foster Family recruiting team and integrating RFA program principles • Supporting the Approved Relative Caregivers Program and integrating it into our Foster Family marketing and recruiting efforts • Continuing the intensive use of QPI processes and restructuring therapeutic teams to better support the Child and Family Teaming planning and service delivery model
RESIDENTIAL Teen Residential Living Current Level 12 teen residential treatment programs for males and females provide the safety, stability and support required for clients to succeed in Promesa’s therapeutic residential programs by moving to a lower level of care upon graduation from the six month program, or as soon as the client is able. “…Families and individuals coming to Promesa are treated with genuine respect and caring professionalism.”

Specialty Residential Living

Two additional targeted residential programs - for pregnant and parenting teens and for juvenile males with sexual offending behaviors – are continuing to provide tailored individual treatment and meet very specific community needs with their specialized therapeutic services.



Managing The STRTP Change

Because the smooth integration of California’s new Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program strategy into our programs is critical to the quality of care we provide, we began transitioning from a more traditional residential treatment model in 2015 and are currently managing the changeover by:



• Providing additional clinical staff training for certifications to requirements of 2017 and beyond
• Ramping up staffing and programs for the recruitment, assessment and training of families seeking to provide children in foster care • Adapting selected current residential facilities for use in new transitional programs • Expanding the mental health clinician staff • Building additional mental health service relationships
Our committed team focuses on each child entrusted to us so they receive the critical services appropriate to their personal situation.
FOSTER CARE Sensitive planning for children and families in crisis guides the active case management at the center of Promesa’s foster care support programs. The deep experience of our team helps ensure that individually tailored approaches are adjusted for strength-based changes so families and individual family members can receive the most effective support for their situation. This thoughtful approach by our highly qualified professionals helps Promesa consistently deliver more effective and powerful reunification efforts – and support more successful outcomes for the children entrusted to us.

Intensive Treatment Foster Care Program

Youth and families struggling with behaviors requiring a higher level of care require

a quicker, more focused assessment with more intense support. Promesa responds with the timely evaluation, additional staffing, professional counseling and other clinical and community resources needed to stabilize the situation and regain the path to healthy personal development and stable family support.


Transitioning From Foster Care

Moving from Foster Care to independence is a dangerous and almost always fearful stage of personal development for children who have been in crisis. The Promesa

THP + FC team offers three housing models – single site, shared apartment and

host family environments – to meet almost all accommodation situations facing

18-21 year olds in transition Our THP team works helps participating youth avoid homelessness by quickly placing them in living environments, using  the National Foster Care Transitional Tool Kit as a guide, and providing intensive therapeutic treatment that supports their move to independent living with a permanent connection to a responsible adult.




Because clear vision, commitment and vigilance are keys to effective change management, Promesa began making significant organizational adjustments in 2015 to prepare for new state standards.  The implementation of these adjustments continues so the quality of client outcomes and accountability of Promesa programs, services and staff will not only comply with the new standards, but make the intended spirit of the CCR changes and the Department of Social Services’ hopes for the new standards – and for the children who depend on them.


Many of our clients consistently speak with great appreciation of our staff's ability and say the quality of group content they provide and its relevance to their lives are largely the reasons they stick with it. And, as they come to learn, sticking with it day-by-day is the most fundamental requirement of sobriety - and the key to a healthier life.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE The Promesa Behavioral Health State Certified AOD program for individuals with a history of use offers out-patient drug and alcohol counseling with a staff that brings a great deal of knowledge, experience and specialized training to their clients' substance abuse treatments. Promesa offers group and individualized evidence-based treatment to help clients identify core conditions, underlying causes, and long-held perspectives that are contributing to the addiction-relapse cycle that has been so destructive in their lives. Participants explore situations they have or may face and practice more effective communications for use in stressful one-on-one situations or unhealthy situations or environments. Promesa’s full-service open entry outpatient program provides a broad range of assessment, education and relapse prevention services to help youth and adults in various stages of recovery and relapse to better help themselves.

Our financial stability allows us to best support the unique needs of our clients, allows for adequate resources to assist

those we serve,  and optimizes our ability

to keep our services innovative, creative

and customized.  Our demonstrated sustainability as a provider, encourages

trust from our partners that we are well equipped to meet the needs of the clients entrusted to our care.


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